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About Us

Sampoorna Siddha Hospital Inheriting Knowledge from the Family of more than Three generations, Our Chief Consulting Physician Dr.Pugazhenthy has seen a dream of Healthy India with the Wealth of Herbal Knowledge.

Our Concern Sampoorna siddha Clinicis an exclisive group of clinical where we Diagnose your Disease with the Authentic Asian Pulse Diagnosing Methods ( Nadi Pariksha) with out using any modern Diagnosing Methods. Trained Doctors.

We Have our own medicine Manufacturing units and have tie up with manufacturers for the production of our exclusive and Pure Forest Fresh Herbals.

Importance of Nadi Pariksha

In the normal course of our visit to a doctor, we specify the ailments we fell we are sufferingt from. Based on this preliminary information, the doctor checks us up and if necessary, recommends us to undergo further tests to collaborate his understanding with what we have told him. He Thus form an understanding of the symptoms.

On the contrary, in our clinic a person need not have to specify his/her problems in advance. Our Physicians are not supposed to know the details in advance as he should not get influenced by the patient's symptoms.

Though the symptoms reveal the disease process, it is the cause of the prevalling or persisting symptoms that are more important. Each cell in our body possesses its own intelligence.

It is the communication of this intelligence in the form of vibrations that is studied in Nadi Pariksha. Nadi Pariksha understantds the vibratory frequency of the Pulse at various levels on the Radial artery.

How we Diagnose Disease through Nadi Pariksha

The Trained Physician, with reading the Pluse will be assessing the Functions of the Body parts Dividing into 7 Halves i.e

  • The Head Region,
  • Neck,
  • Above Chest,
  • Below Chest,
  • Upper Extremities,
  • Lower Extremities &
  • Reproductive Organs.
  • After Locating the Diseased area our Physician will be looking for the Vitiated Dosha's and the Affected Dhatu's, thus will be able to Conclude the condition of the Patients. But this can be done only by Experiencing the Nadi Pariksha.

    Our Physicians can diagnose both physical and mental disease as well as imbalances. It is comprehensive and reaches the root cause of health issues, not merely addressing the symptoms. Nadi Pariksha forewarns you of potential health risks. It gives you an insight on how are predominant in your body. It provides you with a personlized and individual prognosis which is details and accurate.


    The Details of what all are revealed is mentioned below:

    • Every aspect of the human organism, the Body, Mind etc. is understood during the Pulse Diagnosis.
    • Apart from understanding the Cause of the current ailments, the Diagnosis tracks the disease back to its origin. Even subtler levels of causal factors like emotional issues or specific throught patterns of the individual, that manifes into physical ailments subsequently are under stood.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer a Healthy life to every individual by providing the best of the traditional and natural treatment of siddha and excellent varma therapy.

Our Speciality

Our chief consultant Dr.Pugazhenthy diagnosis the patient disease only through pulse reading, Which make patient to feel very comfortable with us and talk openly about their problem.

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